Biography (English)

Biography – Harry Reischmann

Harry Reischmann was born on 15/09/1977 in Neu-Ulm. As music in his family had always been essential (his father Hans plays the saxophone, clarinet and violin and has been on tour as a professional musician all over Europe for 10 years, his mother Sonja plays the accordion, his sister Petra the clarinet and saxophone and his brother Andi bass and the guitar), it was clear quite soon that Harry would pursue a career as a musician.

Harry Reischmann mit ca. 5 Jahren neben Drummer Harald Spannknebel und Basser Andi Reischmann

From early childhood, the drums were Harry Reischmann’s favorite instrument.

Harry Reischmann mit ca. 3 Jahren und mit seiner ersten Trommel

Before, at the age of about 7, Harry learned to play the clarinet, and already, after a very short time period, performed in public for the first time with the Jugendkapelle Neu-Ulm and his family’s Klarinetten-Trio (that is, together with his father and sister).

Hans Reischmann, Petra Reischmann and Harry Reischmann in about 1987

In 1990, Harry Reischmann followed his actual destiny and started to play the drums. As early as in 1994,Harry Reischmann worked as a professional drummer, gave lessons and performed with several bands.

Harry Reischmann at the age of 13 Jahren with his first drum set, a Sonor Force 3000

His first real job as a drummer was with the dance and show – Band „City Swingtett“.

Harry Reischmann can proudly show more than 2900 live-gigs, on 3 Continents in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Hungary, Czech republik, Croatia, Serbia, Poland,Lithuania, Ukraine,Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Italy, France, the U.S., China, Finland, Dubai …. With numerous bands/projects (like Gregorian, BONFIRE, Thilo Wolf, EZ Livin, Solemnity, Street wize, Sweet Brassil, Big Band Ulm, Ligeia, Roadhouse, One, Fake, King Schayer, Cake Planet , Donaumusikanten, Hüttenpower, Skibbe, Queensryche, Stormwitch, Hämatom, Henry, Warthy, Solemnity, Mad Mixx, Dorian Opera,… (in between, he worked as a singer and guitarist with Metropolis for 2 ½ years), musicals (like Non(n)sense), studio- and DVD recordings (among others with Gregorian, Thilo Wolf, SKIBBE, Bernhard “ Fleischi“ Fleischmann, K. P. Schweizer, Ligeia, Fidelen 13, Cake Planet, Jonas Dorn, Warthy, Mad Mixx, Dorian Opera, Solemnity, for several projects and producers,…), several performances on TV, Solo-Shows (like at Drum Festivals together with Dave Samuels, Jojo Mayer, Manni von Bohr, Drumbassadors,…), Workshops, fire- and Varieté-Shows.

Harry Reischmann at the age of 24 Jahren with his Zildjian China Trash cymbal

Harry Reischmann at the age of 22 Jahren with Roadhouse on Stage

Harry Reischmann at the age of 24 Jahren with Metropolis

Harry Reischmann 2012

Harry Reischmann 2012

Since about 1993, Harry Reischmann has been giving drum lessons, now even in his own drumschool in Burgau (between Ulm and Augsburg)

Harry Reischmann uses drumsticks manufactured by AGNER, LiTe STix, GLASTICKS and  Pyro- und torchsticks manufactured by NPA-Pyrotechnik.

2006 Harry Reischmann photo session at Rod Meier‘s for Agner

He published the drum teaching book „ Double Bass für den Banddrummer“

In 2007, he publishes his Solo-DVD “Live in Concert” and in 2009 the drums Play Along “Christmas Drums“.

Harry Reischmann‘s 2009 Fotoshooting at Rod Meier’s for the Christmas Play along

Current projects:  Sarah Brightman (, GREGORIAN (, AXEperience,  ROCK THE BIG BAND, DONAUMUSIKANTEN, Harry Reischmann & Friends, Workshops, fire- and Solo-Show and of course with severall projects live and in the studio.

Of course, he is always open for new projects and ideas. You need a drummer for recordings, Live-Shows, a Tour, a Soloshow or would like to make a Workshop?

Then write to Harry Reischmann: